TinyLMS 6.0

It's a learning management system for SCORM compliant learning content
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TinyLMS is a lightweight learning management system for SCORM compliant learning content.
TinyLMS does not pass the SCORM RTE-1 self-test because of its limited persistence capabilities. During a user session, TinyLMS uses an in-memory database for all data entries. Long term persistence is achieved using Cookies. Unfortunately Cookies do not provide enough space to store all data entries.

Main Features :
- TinyLMS is (almost) conformant to SCORM 1.2 at conformance level "LMS-RTE1".
- Tutorials generated with TinyLMS can be used online and offline.
- Runtime requirements for tutorials are low: HTML, JavaScript and Cookies are all that is needed. You don't need a server software.
- TinyLMS can print a tutorial as a PDF document.
- TinyLMS supports layered and quiz organization of learning content in addition to the hierarchical organization of learning content specified by SCORM.
- TinyLMS can be used as a SCORM-to-SCORM adapter. This can be used to aggregate fine grained learning content into one big SCO.
- TinyLMS has a very strict validator for the imsmanifest.xml file. Files which pass this validator are likely to run on all SCORM 1.2 comforming learning platforms.

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